Team DropTyne


Ricky Taylor – Captain

Ricky spent his youth in the woods hunting or fishing in nearby ponds.  He contributes his navigation and organization skills as team captain. What he loves next best to angling a fish, is driving the boat and coaching team members as they attempt to boat the “big one”.




Joseph Taylor  – First Mate



Joseph is a senior in high school where he is a member of the National Honors Society and plays varsity basketball and baseball. He is headed to UNC Wilmington in the fall. The sport closest to his heart is fishing. Joseph is the “mortar between the bricks” of Team DropTyne. From computer research, to lining reels, and making rigs.  Joseph does it all.





Kathy Taylor – Lady Angler



Kathy figured out early on that if she wanted to spend time with her family, she was going to fish. It wasn’t long before her love for the ocean, its beauty and wildlife keeps her wanting more. When she’ s not angling, she’s photographing.



Will Taylor – Junior Angler



Will is finishing up his freshman year in high  school.   In addition to his academic achievements, he also is a basketball and baseball player. Up until a few years ago, he was the “baby brother”.  He has grown to contribute much more than just being the “bait boy” for his big brother.  His angling skills are invaluable for the team.